Our emphasis is on attractive, simple graphics, truthful content, cross-browser reliability and  quick-loading sites.

  • Navigation: Each page should have buttons or text links that make the site easy to get around and connect all pages in a logical order. We think of the site as a flow chart. If it is designed properly the viewer will find it easy to get the information they need.

  • Compatibility: There are many browsers to choose from, each with its own set of features and bugs. We design for the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browsers because they have the greatest capability for control over the page.
  • Graphics: It's easy to overload a site with large graphic elements. Good sites should make conservative use of large graphics that take a long time to download. We try to keep our business pages graphically clean while not giving up the vast potential this dynamic visual provides.
  • Interactivity: Every site should have some sort of interactive element which can be as simple as an email or as complex as an order or search form. Viewers respond more favorably to sites which provide multiple avenues for feedback and interaction.
  • Affordable: You will never pay for more than you receive. We will work with you during your free consultation to help you keep costs down without sacrificing quality design. We charge by the site, not by the hour.
  • Marketing: You might have the best website in cyberspace but without proper marketing no one will be able to find you. Part of our service includes submission to 10 of the top search engines. If you choose to list with a fee-based search engine, we will also submit those for you at no charge.

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